Any trading system?

I think it’s much better if this game has a trading system which allows players to give or to exchange thier items to other players…

This is just my opinion😊

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Lots of players also feel the same way as you! With how Dungeon Quest is structured (it is completely off line game) we have no way to provide a function like this that wouldn’t take a TREMENDOUS amount of time to create and test.

We hear ya though and will make sure we have more social features in our future games!

Thank you for playing DQ and taking the time to post on the forums!


It would be so cool to have but I no it take lot time and hard work to make work plus as this is mostly offline game hopefully they add it in future games it be great ^~^

Yah it would be really awesome

“Exchange There” soo many request like this @tdaniel is right its just a offline game why would u put a trading system? just Grind your way to the top
and it will never happened if i was the devs it will take soo much time and they will cut the production of new content just your your “Trading System” and the shear amount of Cheaters As Well…