Any wiz builds?

Any wiz builds for farming and for beginners ?

Here you go :smile:


Do I really have to find same item with same name and then remove affixes and start building ?? Course it’s hard to find item with same name

For that build yes and you’ll actually find it quite easy Zeus is an incredibly common drop

Lol my problem name doesn’t fit so I have to press on item and look its information then I see haha

Iam playing on floor 100 mythic 3 u said its common I can’t find nothing that is common in that list

Aaah well then the way to tell if it’s a zeus is if it is a sword and has the reactor affix :smile:

Even i get like sword with same name is it possible to turn it into legendary?

The only named items are legendaries so it will drop as a legend to start don’t worry :smile:

Ok and one last question when u get to like floor 150 u get better mythstones and crystal stuff ?

Yes but it’s ever 100 floors so at floors 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 you will start getting better crystal and mythstone drops :smile:

Ty griffin for helping me!

can i use this instead ive been looking for 1-2h for zeus of greed but got this ??

@Fuka you can use Beryl crystal to change the nature of the item. If you want “of greed” , use beryl to roll it.


Haste Attack Speed +2.5
Death Critical Chance +2.5
Strength Critical Dmg +10
Elements Element Dmg +5
Blessed All Resists +15
Luck Luck +25
Greed Gold Find +25
Protection Armor +15
Evasion Dodge +1.5
Wisdom Resource Cost -2.5

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How do i get my reactor up to 4?

Either equip all 4 pieces of gear with Reactor affix or find a Nadrogi amulet and/or ring at floor 100 epic+ enemies, or add a slot to a ring and/or amulet & insert Elixir mythstone, or find Frightenimg choker amulet at floor 200 Legend Difficulty then use Jasper to make it Wizard gear.