Anyone here using line mess?

We could make a DQ group. Chatting, sharing ideas, info, ect.

Like Facebook groups??? I’m up to that👌

It’s a messenger like the one from facebook.
It’s “more private” though. Many emoticons and emoji.
Or, there’s another…kik messenger. Kinda the same, but it has even gifs.

None of them are private. But if you want more private, i would say discord/slack since they arent owned by Facebook and that but really none are all that private. I suppose the “private” ones do have end to end encryption though.
Also im using discord group but i did think of using my old line group maybe even though i hardly used line.

I meant that you don’t have to give your phone number to others like in wattsapp. Or something similar. Just the id from the app and that’s it.
Your line id?

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