Anyone remember the build compendium?

Does anybody remember the build compendium. It’s been a long time since I last looked image it and it hasn’t been updated in ages but I’m sure some updates could be awesome for it. Some builds in there are definitely still great if course , especially with tweaks for current patch.

I almost forgot about it since I was so used to just making my own builds and theorycrafting and planning. Maybe a way to inspire players because build compendium is great at that.



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Truly is.

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I’m totally a pro

Read more: maybe. Rather becoming veteran maybe.

Btw ive finished my new build lmao heheh can you take a look at it?

Cool. DM me in pm

Ive posted it in the forums already heheheh

Found it lol

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I read it when I started at DQ (somewhere in patch 2.5), it was very helpful. But most of builds are somewhat outdated in 3.0.

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True. I wish more builds could be added or a build compendium 3.0! Yes some of the builds are outdated but some outdated builds could be revived to today’s standards in some form (not all). Green garden could become good again in patch 3.0, my charged inferno gets buffed by charged inferno and other things , fortune bringer is easily changeable but not worth using in 3.0 build compendium.

I do know that my meteor God may never see a day of light ever again in arena , even with modification but then again, that video which was my first blew up in views to 1.2k so I’m sure maybe some used it or based off from it.

A new one is probably best idea.

Yeah definitely. Maybe I could add or something like that.


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Any chance my “ultra-dashing” build makes to the new compendium? :slight_smile:

I need to know first, though, why I can’t one-shot rare+ enemies and if it’s possible to adjust the build in order to do that.

this collection of build is very helpful when im starting in DQ 2.5 :heart_eyes: