Is this a good combo too for rogue?? Im using chakram…

yes but it is better to use cosmic orb for me

Same cosmic orb better

Apocalypse is only good for summon related build… nowhere good for the other classes.
Enigma + Cosmic Orb or you can use Earthquake too… that’s the next best thing.

earthquake is good for dagger type :smile:

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IKR. but it’s still good for enigma users too since you can go shatter in front of your enemies and cause an explosion :wink:

Cosmicorb+enigma was goot too also… but it doesnt matter… coz i got eternal league because of this… :wink:

yup also add the terrashaper for more

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yess, it would be more awesome if you add that set affix. earthquake and shatter + earthshatter of terra would be such a good combination. BIG EXPLOSION!

Enigma works with apocalypse but you need to have huge damage on your weapon. Maybe find a fabled staff and jasper it into a chakram then put the apocalypse word in. Then obviously add the mose destructive affixes imaginable

thats okay but you cant craft the fabled items exactly as you want them to… also i have a question about the furys… do they get their damage from the MH weapon or the OH? because it would be a unique summon because all others get their damage from the OH?

Hmmm… Don’t know

Apocalypse is a MH Fury. The legend affix furies are probably OH as I recall but it doesn’t tell you so it’s MH maybe. Gotta test I shall - Yoda.


Lol :slight_smile: