App crashing with no errors

Hey there all! I have a Samsung galaxy note 4. I have been playing the game flawlessly for weeks, however last night the game has started to crash after 3 to 5 minutes of play. I have tried all the standard fixes for freeing up ram, power cycling the phone, and closing all nonessential apps. However, nothing is fixing the issue. Has anyone else encountered this? Am I looking at needing to reinstall? No big deal, I have my characters uploaded, and will attempt to do this as soon as I get a reliable connection…but has anyone else had this issue? Thank you for your time!

No issues for me just to inform you. Hope it gets fix for you

Thanks for the reply, and now for an update. It would only crash when I had 0 signal and no WiFi connection. Apparently you need SOMETHING for it to run. :confused: oh well. I haven’t had the issue before…but then again I haven’t been without at least a crappy WiFi connection! As long as I have one bar of service, it runs fine.

Mmmm… Sounds google+ related. Maybe samsung tampered with the account provider.

What happens if you lose the connectivity after opening the game?

What happens if you put the phone into airplane mode?

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Oh, I get it – it’s that accursed Google Play Games popup.

I know what the root problem is, which is INDIRECTLY related to the Google Play Games popup – Whenever you exit the app (not close it, just stop playing and not at any screen), the ShinyBox Games logo appears when you reopen the app. Now, the issue you’re experiencing is a result of this logo not clearing properly – the Google Play Games widget causes the game to think you’ve exited and reopened the app; therefore, the logo appears, but sometimes, the logo isn’t cleared properly and the game becomes unresponsive. The only decent solution I have found is waiting for the Google Play popup to disappear before playing.