APPLE TV - NO R3 BUTTON! I paid but can't use

I paid for the hireling and I went to use my hireling and it shows that my inventory is full I tried to switch over to my hireling and I can’t so I went and bought the $50 Nimbus and still no R3 button! AM I STUPID OR IS THIS USELESS? I’m really angry about it. How could or why would a developer put a button on a game that does not exist ?

What is a $50 nimbus?

Its the apple gaming controller made by nimbus… The newest one

Hey! Thank you, I have notify the devs about this issue.

I am very sorry that you have this issue with the Apple TV version of Dungeon Quest. Unfortunately this is not something we can fix actually. Apple has several requirements for the game (to work with the Siri remote) that we are not able to support. Because we cannot support those new requirements we cannot get an updated version of our game through their submission process.

I am not using the seri remote. I am using a Bluetooth controller with R2 and L2 buttons like on a PlayStation or Xbox… NONE of which has an R3 button . So why not make the switch characters a R2,R1, L1 or L2 button or a select button in the menu with the inventory. I’m not a developer and know it’s not that hard. You should not allow the function to purchase another character to play with your current character if you can’t get into the inventory. It cost more gold coin’s then it’s worth to keep her revived she just dies and died and dies because I can’t put any thing on her to increase and when she levels I can’t increase her levels it’s not that hard you don’t have to create another button you just have to create a select somewhere in the menu … Do me a favor play the game on the Apple TV and actually purchase a second character to play with your current character and tell me how you do. How was this game tested if you didn’t test it on the Apple TV how do you expect the people who purchase it and pay for everything within the game to actually pay for the game or tell anyone else that it’s any good and you want to have some feedback but yet you have nowhere to leave feedback on the game


***before the long explanation
If you made any purchases on Apple TV please contract me: Clearly this experience is NOT the intended one from our end and we would be happy to get you refunds.

I don’t think you understood my post so I will try to be very specific here. I will try to be as open as possible about the requirements (without breaching NDA) for publishing titles on various platforms.

Apple has requirements that we must meet to in order to publish on the Apple TV hardware.

Apple requires that each app on the Apple TV must completely function (each area of the game must be accessible through the Siri remote) and be usable only with the remote that ships with the Apple TV Hardware IE the Siri Remote. MFI controller support is considered secondary and is not an acceptable form of control interface.

We were lucky enough to get a developer version of the new Apple TV before it was released and we worked on a compatible version of Dungeon Quest to work with the Apple TV.

When we received the development hardware (about 45 days or so before the hardware was released to the public) there were no requirements to use the Siri remote.

So in the weeks leading up to Retail release of the Apple TV Hardware we had developed and submitted a build to apple that worked with MFI (made for iOS) controllers.

We submitted our game about two weeks or so before Hardware launch. During submission new requirements for the Apple TV were released that stated that each app that was published on the Apple TV must be able to be started and played with the Siri Remote.

Our submission was withdrawn and we worked very quickly to add the required Siri Remote support. At the time of our next submission (about 5 days before the apple tv release) Siri Remote support was basic. You could move attack use potions access inventory etc. We met their requirements and they approved our game for release on the Apple TV the save day the hardware was available in stores and on their website.

Now, the controller you are referring to, the Nimbus, was not available to developers before the TV hardware was available to the public.

We made dungeon quest for Apple TV using a different MFI controller, and that controller had R3 functionality, you could press in the right stick and it would function as a button.

Dungeon Quest came out and we got feedback from customers, through reviews and direct customer emails, stating they had problems with various controllers.

We went out purchased some of those controllers and tested them here (the nimbus included). At this time it was about 11 days after first release of the Apple TV hardware. We made a new update patch that changed the way our buttons were mapped. So instead of pressing “R3” our update allowed you move the right stick “left” and it would access your hireling inventory. This would allow you to do things like equip items, allocate stat points etc.

We submitted that new build to Apple so we could address the controller issues with the game as well as a few other Apple TV specific bugs.

That patch was rejected by apple. What we did not know was that the requirements for supporting the Siri Remote were updated after our first release.

The problem we ran into has to deal with the engine limitations on our end. Other Apps may not have the same limitations that we do as they are made using different technology.

We are not able to make the changes that the new Apple specifications require.

Much like you many customers emailed us and were understandably frustrated with the situation. We tried several times to find a solution on our end but could not.

We made the decision to remove the Apple TV version of Dungeon Quest from the iOS store, or so we thought.
When you release to the iOS store your application is given a bundle ID. When you submit to Apple TV it matches any existing applications that may be on your develop account. This is done to support cross device play. So you can play on your iphone, any game centre achievements you unlock can be carried over and continued on the Apple TV version of your app.

What we DID NOT know was that when you submit an Apple TV version of your App they become bundled together as one Application Bundle ID.

When we tried to remove the Apple TV version from the App store we found out that we could not. It removed every version of Dungeon Quest from the store.

So we find ourselves unable to fix the issue AND we cannot remove the game from the App store.

We really want to fix the issue and, on a personal level, 1 star reviews cause me an inordinate amount of internal distress. Our game isn’t a 1 star game, but for apple TV users it is even more compounded because the hardware (the Apple TV) is REALLY great and our game runs flawlessly on it. We just cannot fix the issue due to technical constraints.

Long story short, we are not ignoring this issue, we are just in a very hard position because we cannot fix it and we cannot remove it.