Application already exits (i am not good at english!)

When i want to download update (open beta) i had “application already exists”. How can i fix it?

Did you install your current game via Google Play Store?
If not, might be running a mod apk and it prevent you to update the game.

I have official and i when i want update to open beta i have error already exists

In that case, I recommend you to send email to support :smile:

Have the same case here.
No update coming on my end.

A sure way to fix this (albeit brusque) would be to manually delete /data/app/com.shinybox.smash-#.apk then install a new copy of the game from the play store. Do note that you need root for this.

Upload your data to the server, then try after deleting all the data in the device. / Sube tus datos al servidor, luego borra los datos en tu equipo, y ahi intenta actualizar.

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