Application setup sruck at 46/62... v2.1 android

the title describe all… i been waiting for this setup to finish for 30 min now…

Hi there!

This is a known issue with some devices. This happens with a few LG tablets and several Samsung Phones and Tablets as well. While we don’t know the exact cause we think it is related to GPU drivers used by 3rd party (LG/Samsung) android OS . In my tests I have always had this happen but it does eventually complete the process.

The worst offender was a Samsung Tab 8’ tablet running 4.2.2 android. This took 1 hour and 28 minutes to finish. The game never had this issue again and always loaded up and preformed find after the initial install.

Sorry for this problem and I apologize we don’t have a better solution than “just wait”, but for me that has worked in the past.

Well thats my tablet unfortunately but I don’t hsve to get the application setup anyways because I don’t need to.

well… i just close it… then when i open again… it work just fine… no application setup anymore… weird…

The application set up is used to pre-process many of the graphical elements we use in the game. That way the game doesn’t have to generate these assets on the fly. When you are playing the game and see frequent “freezing” when enemies come on the screen this is what the Application Set-up tries to prevent/reduce.

that why when i using pack size map… i always lack as hell… i try on my tablet later. …

yup. If you let the tablet sit for a bit (plug it in) you will eventually finish the set up on the tab 8. Head scratcher that one is for sure. The 6 and 10’ versions of the same tablet don’t have that problem…bizarre!