AR Pierce vs Crit Chance

in PVP every character has a 10% crit chance(confirmed by myself)
what if i add 2 x 11%CritChance. i would have a total 32%crit chance and due to CAP down to 24%.

if a Defense of 17.8%(gladiator+3) reduces the chance,
does the final crit chance be

24% is cap… It’s accurate! You could try Epiphany affix to increase though. 24%x(1+(3x5%) = 27.6%

Vs Eternal Flawless trophy Defense Affix can reduce your critical strike chance down to 9%. [Max 15% Defense]

Vs build with Epiphany and max critic chance = 27.6%-15% or 12.6% vs 9%…

I think you might be confused with Defense Affix vs AR Pierce on Bloodless Trophy.