Arc or Nova for skullshield mythic?

Give me your thoughts please.

Arc has a lot of range and does +600% MH, so would go well with Skullshield.
Nova is +200% or +300% MH, not sure, but is good for anything up close, and is 100% Elemental Crit when it Proc’s.

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I believe ARC can only be added to your mainhand weapon…

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Right but he was may ask for just combine.

@Bizarro_Stormy I decided that @dickwad knows that Arc is a MH Mythic, and was wondering which Mythic works best with Skullshield, because maybe he has a build in mind that only has space for one weapon Mythic, not two. on the other hand, if he forgot, then your post will help him a lot. :sunglasses:


I think nova cuz u can trigger EC regularly and if u can increase your SS DMG with Necrotic on the item not in the game it might be very nice.


Nova is good, arc is good. Enigma for skullshield build is a disaster. You basically get plunged into a crowd of monsters or a pvp opponent. Skullshield is a sneaky build that evades opponents using skullshield to attack your opponent while you dance out of harm’s way.

As @perseusdoge says. You must have the necrotic talent on armour. It’s a cool combo. And if you can add necrotic to a pet :sunglasses:

just started using my Climbing Build again to Climb Floors. taking a Break from Crafting & Farming. going to get to floor 1300 M3 before I go back to farming and stuff. on 1205 now.

both Weapons are Ice, with OH Skullshield, to take advantage of +300% Ice. with Prismatic, I cast Skullshield until it is Fire, to take advantage of Crushing Flames (8). because the Weapon is Ice, my Fire Skulls still get the benefit of the +300% Ice!. I have Orb on my MH and a Reactor Set for Arc, so I can kill stuff that gets past my flaming skulls and also support the skulls against distant enemies. I am trying to put Orb Proc on my Items for more firepower, but ran out of Ruby’s and am stuck with Blinkstrike Proc for now. plus I have +200% Frostbiting for Frozen enemies. Demonic when enemy HP is 25% or lower, Pathfinder to go with my Stealth 20 (for a little more defense).

some map affixes are difficult and I can die a few times, but most maps are still easy to get through.

personally, I think Nova would be a bad addition to a Skullshield Build, since Skullshield is for Wizards keeping their distance, and Nova needs the Wizard to get up close and personal to be useful, maybe good for when fighting Epic+ monsters.

why don’t you use Reclaim Talent if you want skullshield? @dickwad

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I do sometimes

So it means that my warrior with taunt proc and nova horn is effective while spint.

all Proc’s, Legend & Mythic, have a chance to Proc while you are casting a spell. so if you are holding down the button for Sprint, you have a chance to Proc Taunt & Nova every time you cast Sprint. but don’t forget that although it is a chance every second, it also takes into account the Cool Down of the Skill. so if a Skill has a CD of 2 seconds, and your Proc has 25% chance, you have 25% chance to Proc, then wait 2 seconds after it Proc’s for another 25% chance for it to Proc again. the Cool Down Affix can speed up the Cool Downs of Proc’s.

if you cast Sprint and then just move, you just have that chance to Proc when you cast Sprint, but not while running. if you can hold down the button while running, not sure if you can do that with Sprint. if not, then run into a crowd, hold down the Sprint button for Procs, and hopefully the Taunt & Nova will kill anything near you, plus the extra DMG from the Sprint Elemental Pools the monsters get Taunted into.

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Kindly check my current set as a new player. . What should i need to improve or change…


pretty good for an early Farm Build with some extra Experience Boost.

Deadly Arts on Imp just taking up space. when you get a chance, better to just use an Epic Imp, so you have one more useful affix. DA requires you to have Deadly Strike to be useful.

as long as you can survive getting hit, Terrashaper can be a good Set to have.

when I started Ascending for Perks, I used Legend items straight out of the Codex. when I got the Crystals, I started tweaking my affixes to improve my Equipment. not all of my choices were good, but I learned as I went along and eventually ended up with a great Ascending Build.


Is it okay to create a weapon with nova on OH and arc on MH, same equip??

I don’t see why not. if you are using a Build that gets close up and personal to the enemy, that makes Nova very useful, and then Proc’ing Arc while in the midst of your enemies will let you hit enemies further away, or hit more of the enemy in the mob you just attacked.

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Good question. Checking the codex it only says arc must be on a weapon. Doesn’t say mh or oh. Try it out. Now that’s getting me thinking :grinning:

Arc is listed as a MH Mythic and does MH DMG. but it can be Proc’d from using MH or OH Skills.

I think when freaky45 said same equip, he meant on the same Build, I think. especially since you can only have 1 Mythic on each item, and it looks like he wants a Build with both Mythics.

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Ahhh :thinking:

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