Arc or Nova for skullshield mythic?

Give me your thoughts please.

Arc has a lot of range and does +600% MH, so would go well with Skullshield.
Nova is +200% or +300% MH, not sure, but is good for anything up close, and is 100% Elemental Crit when it Proc’s.

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I believe ARC can only be added to your mainhand weapon…

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Right but he was may ask for just combine.

@Bizarro_Stormy I decided that @dickwad knows that Arc is a MH Mythic, and was wondering which Mythic works best with Skullshield, because maybe he has a build in mind that only has space for one weapon Mythic, not two. on the other hand, if he forgot, then your post will help him a lot. :sunglasses:


I think nova cuz u can trigger EC regularly and if u can increase your SS DMG with Necrotic on the item not in the game it might be very nice.


Nova is good, arc is good. Enigma for skullshield build is a disaster. You basically get plunged into a crowd of monsters or a pvp opponent. Skullshield is a sneaky build that evades opponents using skullshield to attack your opponent while you dance out of harm’s way.

As @perseusdoge says. You must have the necrotic talent on armour. It’s a cool combo. And if you can add necrotic to a pet :sunglasses:

just started using my Climbing Build again to Climb Floors. taking a Break from Crafting & Farming. going to get to floor 1300 M3 before I go back to farming and stuff. on 1205 now.

both Weapons are Ice, with OH Skullshield, to take advantage of +300% Ice. with Prismatic, I cast Skullshield until it is Fire, to take advantage of Crushing Flames (8). because the Weapon is Ice, my Fire Skulls still get the benefit of the +300% Ice!. I have Orb on my MH and a Reactor Set for Arc, so I can kill stuff that gets past my flaming skulls and also support the skulls against distant enemies. I am trying to put Orb Proc on my Items for more firepower, but ran out of Ruby’s and am stuck with Blinkstrike Proc for now. plus I have +200% Frostbiting for Frozen enemies. Demonic when enemy HP is 25% or lower, Pathfinder to go with my Stealth 20 (for a little more defense).

some map affixes are difficult and I can die a few times, but most maps are still easy to get through.

personally, I think Nova would be a bad addition to a Skullshield Build, since Skullshield is for Wizards keeping their distance, and Nova needs the Wizard to get up close and personal to be useful, maybe good for when fighting Epic+ monsters.

why don’t you use Reclaim Talent if you want skullshield? @dickwad

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I do sometimes