Arcane builds viable in PvE?

We know that Fire is completely insane because of Crushing Flames, but would proccing a million Orbit effects make arcane viable ?

when I was a noob, one of the fun things about learning about DQ was Arcane Element & Orbit.

for the Arcane Element, monsters are not Resistant (-50% Map Element damage) or Immune (-100% Map Element damage) to it, but some have a random chance to be Greatly Resistant (-75% random Element damage. higher tier monsters could be Greatly Resistant to all 5 Elements) to it. Arcane Element doesn’t cause Effective Damage. Effective Mythic gives Arcane Element +25% damage on all Maps.

Arcane Element by itself doesn’t have a DoT, but with Ascendant Set it’s DoT reduces an enemies Resistance. it also has a chance to change the attacks Element to a different random Element.

Ascendant Set with Arcanist Set increases Elemental Damage % by a % for every enemy affected (like Plagued Set for Poison DoT) by Arcane DoT. this Set combination requires the Weaken affix.

Arcane Elemental Critical is Orbit. it does 100% of the damage done to any enemy it hits. Orbit spins away from the caster like Rogue Whirlingblades Skill, except it doesn’t return to the caster. if the caster moves while Orbit is still in effect, it spins away from the spot the caster was when the Elemental Crit happened. Orbit can cause Critical Damage, Deadly Strike, Crushing Blow, and Bleed (if you have Crit Chance, Deadly Strike chance, Crushing Blow chance, and Bleed chance).

Celestial is the Elemental Critical Damage for Orbit. Celestial increases the damage of Orbit by +100%. with one on each Item, you could have Celestial +600%. Elemental Crit dmg doesn’t have any cap, so Eternal Items with Celestial could get you higher than +600%.

Living Force Set affects Orbit. Orbit with spin away from the caster and then spin back toward the caster like Rogue Whirlingblades. when Orbit spins back to the caster, Orbit does +100% damage to any enemy it hits.

Arcane Element with Orbit works best on groups of monsters, especially Pack Size maps. with ranged attacks, Orbit makes a good defense against melee monsters that rush the Character. for Skills that you need to be close to monsters or that put you in the middle of a monster pack, you can do some serous damage.

right now, I’m Ascending a Rogue with Chakram & Arcane Element with +200% Celestial and +40% Bleed chance. I added Living Force later so Orbit does more damage returning to the character. play style is a little different than using other Elements. I have another Rogue that is Climbing floors with Poison Chakrams, so it’s kind of interesting seeing the differences.