Arcane or element?

I just finished crafting my orb and staff, they are both arcane and have no arcane affix. My question is should I add an element (fire, ice, etc) or is there an advantage to having it arcane.? I want to know because after I add an element, I won’t be able to go arcane again.

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I think arcane weapons should be used with ascendent set, and prismatic on amulet… i havent tryed that combination yet but it should be good :stuck_out_tongue:
and i prefer to use element depending on the world im playing to inflict effective dmg (i guess is 20% bonus, correct me if im wrong xD)

Arcane gas two good things:

  1. Only a few blue, yellow, and orange mosters have Resist Arcane.
  2. The Ascendent Set

Otherwise, use OPPOSITE elements on your main & offhand (ie fire & ice; shock & poison).

One other thing: Bring a hiring if you can if your using the Ascendent Set!

If i have 5000 arcane damage and i use ascendant, will the 5000 arcane damage change upon casting another element? Like if i cast poison and it crit to a poison cloud shall i do 5000 poison damage?

Anything that boosts your weapon will not change due to Ascendent/Prismatic. If you are using an Arcane weapon and you have +5000 Arcane DMG, that bonus is applied to your weapon regardless of the element it becomes.

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Ahh ok thanks. Now i better choose between what element or arcane. Will wait for 2.0 thanks…