Hey everyone, what exactly is ‘Arcane’? I searched for arcane, and found a bunch of advanced info way over my head, since my characters are only level 30+. Thanks in advance!

Its an element.

Elements are:

  • ice
  • electric
  • fire
  • arcane
  • poison
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Electric= Shock .

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XD sorry hahaha

Ice = Frozen
Fire = Blistering
Poison = Blight

Shock= High Voltage.
Arcne= Celestial .

What @Eater and me put is the ElemnCrit legend affix that affect the elemental crits of those elements.

Elemental crits: Fire= Immolate . Ice= Freeze. Shock= Paralyze . Arcane= Orbit. Poison= Toxic.

Blight buffs the damage from poison cloud produced by Toxic by +% .

High voltage increases all damage by +% if an enemy is paralyzed/stunned .

Frostbiting increases all damage by +% to enemies encased in ice and the Frozen set makes those enemies explode when they died.

Celestial increases the dmg of the Orbit by +% .

Blistering adds % bleed of the fire dot when the enemy is Immolated.

It is a cool element.

Alright guys, thanks for the basic and also the additional info! Much appreciated.

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