Arcanist build help

So im trying to understand the set arcanist.
What does it take to put arcane debuff on enemy?
I have read that every crit you can apply enemies with arcane debuff, so ive maxed my crit chance and go tried it out. I set my damage to low so that mobs wont die instanly. I attack mobs and my damage going critical but when i check my stats, power is still the same. No changes at all. Exept only when i pick up gold ( because of Adventurer)

Can someone technically explain to me how arcaine debuff works?

I haven’t tried out Arcanist set yet, but from my own point of view it seems it works out like the Shock debuff. It means that the Arcane debuff your enemy receives doesn’t directly affect your base damage but instead affects the damage your target receives depending on the Arcane debuff stacks placed. Therefore, when you check your base damage on the stats page, you won’t see any changes at all.

sounds like you dont have Element or Ascendent Set

Yep, that seems to be the problem.
Thank you pal. :slight_smile:

Do elementa crit counts?

Arcanist + Element + ascendent will the 3 on them work together?

no, just crit


thanks ill try it now :smile:

Got 20b+ brutal damage, floor 1005. XD
Arcanist is op.

Where/how does one get arcanist? And why does it boost damage beyond ignore resists affix?

@Arvandor u can roll it via amythes… when u use ascendant affix it reduce resistnby 64% then if u add 100-200% weaken it will reduce der resist to negative that it would take more dmg (weaken wont work when u have ignore resist) arcinist build is good when u lure tons of mobs and dont kill them fast ull get a huge dmg boost from stacking buf(dmg buff vanish as soon as the mob die) but not good if u kil smal number of mobs or 1v1 w/ epic+ foes other build can outdps it.

Huh, that’s kind of what I’ve been doing. I’m using a blight build with a bow (modified for secondary twister), and I’ll throw twister one direction, then go shooting another, and the damage boost on plague/blight from poisoned enemies ensures that EVERYTHING DIES. Twister works amazingly well for this, drawing enemies to blight puddles. I just need to get more +blight damage on my gear, but… Man, getting the legendary affixes you want is an exercise in misery because the gems are so rare and there are SO MANY freaking legendary affixes that the odds of getting what you need are pretty infinitesimal.

@Arvandor yup so u better farm tons of ruby :smile: sometimes its all about luck :stuck_out_tongue: yup poison is still pretty strong (though not good as b4 and been nerf many times already and not so strong agains epic enemies if u go 1v1) but stil the best element choice when ur just starting the game… and also stil viable as end game build (not good against epic-mythic enemy on high floors)

Yeah, I’ve realized that =) I figure though, if the Mythics would really take so long to kill with poison that it would be worth doing, I could always burn some crystals to change the element of my gear to something more single target worthy. Fire or Lightning or something. I’ve switched back and forth a couple times (like, I went lightning when I accidentally dropped all my plagued gear), and it’s not too bad. Seems in most cases it’d be worth it just to plug away at the monster though.

@Arvandor i suggest ice element w/ frozen affix aweskme burst dmg and can burst carto/epic-mythic enemy w/ enough number of foes around ro trigger xplosion