Are daggers viable on rogue?

Hi, I cant seem to find a way for daggers to work, same with chakrams honestly. Was testing different afflixes and specs with 2 eternal weapons, flintlock and dagger, both +50% quality, gun is 55k dps, Dagger is 60.

So in my mind I was expecting about the same dps, maybe dagger on top. But whatever I tried, dagger wasnt even close. Scattershot is doing on avg 40mil., with the dagger its mostly numbers sub 2mil.
Seems like such a struggle to kill a pack of 40 minions whereas one scattershot with a gun does the job instantly.

I might be trying tovplay daggers completely wrong, but to me, flintlocks and bows seem to heavily outclass daggers and chakrams.

Also have a chakram with 800kdps, +50% eternal, still does very little compared to the above mentioned flintlock.
On top of that they seem a lot harder to play

It’s not the mainhand’s weapon choice. The issue here is the affixes (sets,crystal affixes,legends) that you use.

any weapon can be very powerful if you build around it correctly

If they were so useless, they wouldn’t be there.

iwas a bow user too … but i love dagger so i made this build which help my dagger better … try this definetely gona work . craft cosmic orb on mh dagger then find 2x crystal afix orb proc then use amethys get the reactor set from wizard… the use poison build add some poison ed% and blight … u can see that everytime u blink or attack u spwn orb whc releases arcs… im at 1600m3 atm still pretty useable still clearing the map fast … and try getting 45% cd reduct use steal on oh special for survivality … ucan lvl40 the stealth for perma stealth but lvl30 is good n

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btw what ever build u use dont forget to always use 30% crushing blow on crystal afiix u can easily hit billions of dmg above 1000+ floors … i prefer poison element realy helps clearing mobs faster and carto

What does crushing blow do? Seen it on some items but wrote it off as a warrior affix probably. I played too much WoW.

Theres still a lot I dont know about the game, for my main flintlock build Im stacking on flat arcane damage, % arcane damage, %crit damage and +x scattershot. Idk if something else would provide better results.

i prefer use lightning ice or poison element since arcane now is just not too good… use elemcrit dmg u can get it using ruby … crushing blow 25% dmg on targets current health i dont really know the formula for it but it deals billions around 1000+ floors m3 … just keep exploring if uwant to study some builds … search dungeon quest forum compedium build 2.1 … i suggest u try also the greengarden build the guide is there … its goodbuild for all clases

momentum set afix great dmg multiplier if u have some movement speed afix… glasscanon is also great dmg multiplier… der are lot of affix which help boost ur dmg such as
rage - crit dmg
deadlystrike - 2x crit dmg
many more etc… just keep exploring