Are there any indicators that that show for stun?

Hello all,

I was trying out the berserker set affix with 70% attack speed and can’t tell when a mob has been stunned. Are there any visual cues? I see mobs with stars to show when they are taunted by the warrior skill and wondered if stun had something similar. I didn’t see anything from the damage numbers.



Of course the mobs will stuck uo and there is a yellow thing teriling in the top of their head, a star. Hahah

Ok so stars is for stun not for taunt? Or does taunt stun also?

If the enemies are taunt , i think they can hit you but the enemies will be magnetized by you hahah :joy::joy: while stun is, the enemies arebonly standing there.

But do stars show up for both taunt and stun? I only just started to use stun but have noticed stars a long time ago when using taunt so I thought that was the taunt indicator.

taunt have stun also you can see five stars

Thanks flasher. Makes sense then if taunt hand stun.

Circle stars on top of enemies head like a comical cartoon.

Taunt , Berserker , Mayhem , Paralyze from shock elemental critical , Stagger, Fustigate and Bewilder all cause stun . Also certain skills if they still have a stun chance with them or their hero points.

High Voltage build can benefit from any kind of stun and could work with any element build such as fire+ shock.

Is there a cd for stun or can you stun lock a mob indefinitely provided you can proc stun fast enough?

Yes. It’s like 3 seconds. Although for players it’s one second or lower nowadays. Also you can keep getting stun many times.

Stun lasts 3 secs right? Or did you mean after getting stunned a mob had 3 secs of stun immunity before they can be stunned again?

I think you can stun indefinitely but the 3 seconds immunity is still there before you can stun again.

For players, you can only deal 1 second of stun or less. I’ve seen 0.3 second stun one time which is barely anything.

On players and maybe enemies (I think this is only on players), after 5 CCs (stun too) , the enemies are immune to all CCs like stun.