Are these stackable?

Are the attack speeds from HUNGER, FLETCHER, ANGELIC, and the BASIC ATTACK SPEED stat STACKABLE?

I want to use guidedshot as the primary source of damage.

Idk but the attack speed have a limit

The Attack Speed +% Affix has a +60% Cap. with Epiphany (5), the Cap will go up to +75%.

Fletcher 40 Talent and Angelic (8) Set have their own Caps, and are multiplied with Attack Speed and the Bow’s APS.

Hunger Set, I have read that it affects Attack Speed & Cool Down over Cap, but I haven’t done much testing with it or actually used it. you should do a Search :mag: for Posts on this subject, and then do some tests. also, anytime your MP goes over 75%, you lose the Attack Speed until your MP goes below 75% again.

Draught Mythic goes on your Ring, and gives a +50% APS & Movement Speed. this replaces your Mana Potion Button. the Draught lasts for 5 seconds and it has a 5 second Cool Down until it can be used again. a great boost when used against Epic+ enemies.

Bow APS is 2.25 for Guidedshot.

2.25 (APS) x 1.25 (Angelic-5) x 1.4 (Fletcher 40) x 1.6 (+60% Attack Speed) = APS 6.3.
with Epiphany (5), the APS would be 6.8.

6.3 (APS) x 1.25 (Hunger-5, when MP below 75%) = APS 7.875.
7.875 (APS) x 1.5 (Draught for 5 seconds) = APS 11.8125.
6.3 (APS) x 1.5 (Draught Mythic) = APS 9.45 (without Hunger Set)

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You are always so helpful. Thanks so much!

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