Arena Advice if you can

1- just twister !! I have this but i didn’t got like that,

2-how they get me by torrent from long distance in arena,
3- what do you think the best mytich build for wizard and warrior ?

  1. That item is highly edited, which is not allowed.

  2. Cerebral Vortex found on specific gear. Ex: Braincage

Eternal Edited item

and i search about ring Najor i need More chance
farm in map? I try to get it in lvl 101 M3, and 500 but can’t get it - any advice ?


try to read in codex. what floor nadroji set usually drop. what rarity of enemy (magic,rare,epic,legend or mythic).

eternal can’t edit :’ how can it be !!

I already know that ,
after lvl 100 from powerful enemy, but it’s too rare i think :’’’

it only drop in epic,legend and mythic enemies. create hunter ring.

by hacking so they can edit eternal

Don’t know if its ‘too rare’ - i guess its a matter of opinion. Just counted in my inventory, I have 15 nadroji items in my inventory at the moment, I deleted a few, cause attempts at crystal affixes rolled something useless.
The nadroji pieces I have includes
6x rings
3 x necklaces
2 x helmets
that are currently unused

Rest is applied to my 3 characters for various purposes and includes rings/chest/helmet/chest.
Seems to me that the dropchances are as follows:

For info I have 3 characters and a combined numer of 10 ascensions on the 3 characters - meaning I’ve reached or almost reached lvl 99 13 times combined - in that process I’ve gotten around 20 nadroji items.
As far as I remember, I didn’t get any nadroji pieces at all, untill I implemented some luck in my builds. It might also be because I levelled at a map level that was too low initially. The more luck/item find, the higher frequency of nadroji drops (not that surprising i guess;) )

Didn’t notice if anyone answered you on the rest but cerebral cortex has torrent proc when you get hit and that casts it where ever the attacker is.
As for the mythic cosmic orb is pretty much the standard. I like earth quake. The rest of them seem to never proc arc being the worst by far and ive tried it several times because I like underdog builds I guess you can say.

I found this i think it’s work like cerebral vortex;
I should change the timewarp special skill to torrent,right?
and that work with proc torrent or not!!

The cerebral ; the only thing killing me in pvp :’’

Like aftermath stuff i get many of them ; give me. 1 ring Najor,please (Damn’man*) 15 Najor and i can’t find 1 :’’

Nadroji ring and neck is really easy to get, you just need patience. Breast and helmet on the other hand is a pain in the ass. It both drops on floor 200+ on epic and atleast epic enemies. Even with shitton of luck/itemdrop and whatsoever and multiple hours of farming i just cant get a single breast or helm. Even with hunter ring.

i try to get them in floor +400 M3 rind and neck but now i try to get them in Floor 101 i will make Hunter ring maybe i can get it soon ;

i Found eternal Quick than Najor :’