Arena bugs?

This one happened now to me twice. I won the battle 3-0 but the score was given on the other side and lost -37. Do you all experience this??

I never encounter that in arena ,but sometimes the names changes like xxxxxxxx vs xxxxxxxx

Contact dq’s player support they might b able to c what is wrong. Never seen this bug before.

I will thanks!

You have experienced an internet connection issue. You can win matches but if there was an internet connection issue during the match, any victory will display as 0-3. It will happen every time if you have any type of connection issue during the match. Depending on your MMR and the MMR of your opponent, your point loss can be in the 30 point range. When this occurs or you notice the cycle issue, try pressing the retry button. Pressing retry instead of OK has fixed some of my issues similar to yours.

Or see below.

I always encounter connection issues but at that point, i cant see the message “retry” message thing. That hurts a lot losing a 30 point range mmr :frowning:

Yes I forgot about that one occurring also. It’s the same issue. Sry