Arena Cheaters!

Why there are still cheaters on Arena 1v1 and 2v2? Cant even go up high rank because of the cheaters… And still some of the cheaters in Season 1 are still here on Season 2 .:joy:
Look at this on 2 v 2 Arena its very obvious thing.

I already want to quit on playing Battle Arena on this cheaters…

report it here

Don’t mind those brainless jerks. They’re pathetic and weak, just ignore them, expect the devs to do their job all the time. Ban League is surely waiting for those cheaters. Just play and plan to be strong, no cheats, join our group on Facebook, we are more than happy to help you. Just search, Duangeon Quest All Star.

Pinoy ? :joy:

i saw a pic recently that they are cheating by editing all the hero skills to 40. i mean ALL. i think you should add view to hero skills to not only stats.

yes cheater can do it but hero skill are not working on arena

Yes bro.

Im just waiting for the Group to accept me… I just want to know how did Dylanironman and Kairou setup their character I dont even DMG them.

They’re both Allstars. You can personally ask them once your a member. What’s your FB name so i can look you up.

We also have Venomancer, Malunya and Bloodymary and many many more in our Group. I’m Liscano by the way.

Marwin Ryan Taban… Yes I know both of them are All Star . I thought b4 that AllStar trademark are cheaters :v::joy_cat:

Hahaha, before we let you in you must join the Pinoy Dungeon Quest Group first, that’s allstars protocol bro.

Yea i think to. I dont think that matters in the arena

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