Arena Help [Need Feedback]

Wanted Dead or Alive (Lol Just kidding)

So I just made new build (arena) using the eternal spike I got recently. Trying to hanky build (Not sure if it can tank tho lol)

I made it just camp at the end and it will only spam skullsheild and sheildwall.

Just need feedback tho, if any of you encounter this toon, please kill it (what everyone does lol) and screenshoot the damage page, I want to see the damage your toon deal and how long it can survive.

Thanks in advance

Nice damage but not tanky,maybe you need dot immune :grin:

Cant upload picture,your toon bear 170k damage,torrent take me 4000 per hit,if you use skillsl,maybe I will lose :disappointed_relieved:

I think you make this for 2v2.

i see… Thanks :slight_smile:

anyone else lol

No screen shot my friend. My internet connection is horrible this week and it’s causing me to lose a of points because I can’t connect when matches begin. Anyway, your rogue is much better with the vault skill. Your wizard just stands there. He has hit me for about 4k dmg.

He set AI only spam skullsheild and sheildwall for test,try to stand in his torrent which can deal 1M+ damgae quite soon :grin:

Hey,can you set a decent AI?I want to test my wiz,maybe will lost a lot points lol

Changed toon. im using some stupid warrior build now. hope it can help test your build.

No offense meant @cronos4321!!! You are the #1 crafter in the game - period.

Nahh that okay. i just test the wizard build. just wanna see how long it can stand, how much damage it can prevent. that why i only made it just stay in 1 place and spam skullsheild/sheildwall.

i change to warrior tho since Pinkyman ( @Majin_Buu ) lol wanna test his build.

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Your Wiz last about 8 seconds per match.

@Mr_Scooty yea it die quiet fast lol.
@Majin_Buu my rogue (Love) Turrent damage much crazier. the only downfall is the HP due to used alot slot just for that crazy turrent

Love is too crazy,thanks god she is thin :grin:

I tested my new wiz in 2v2,still not good in both attck&defense.I cant kill core enemy soon,that is a big problem when facing players like you.

can anyone tell me what lvl of arena is the eternal leage belong?

Please help me. I can’t enter unique nickname. What problem???

Your lvl of arena does not correspond to your League. Lvl of arena is defined by how many arena xp you have (5000 xp for win and 2500 xp for lose) so you can lvl up your arena even if you are constantly losing. Arena league is defined by your match points, which are gained by winning and lost by losing. So you can be in a better league only if you win more games than you lose.

Hope its clear.

@Majin_Buu sir your warrior is very strong truly i 2:10 is the ratio i defeat your char you always end my win streak shit haha sorry for my english

I have better pet than you,it is unfair fight.But human mind is unfair for AI too.