Arena News

My old tread got delete so im creating a new one with new rules

  1. Respect others
  2. No bash
  3. Ni spamming
    please update me what happen at arena while im gone. :grin:
    Strongent AI in the Arena
    Tough AI

Strongest ai ever
Warrior : abner_cute . athena_chloe . mandelbrot . sven . balgas . gamos.

Rogue : @eater . perfect . szacha_laparan . kaizoku .margarine

Wizard: . crushkosipath .pockman

hoooorayy :parrotbeer:

$&@@(@^^ Abner_Cute thats an old legit cheater pvp player who have always 500k+ HP and 400 Power… In DQ 2.3 that was the strongest wall I fight when Im defending Rank 1. ^&@$;#@%:pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat::pouting_cat: