Arena reward chests give negative gold

If you move an arena treasure chest to the premium stash, the only reward that shows up is a negative amount of gold.

It happens everytime without fail for me.


Are you referring to stash bags 5 and 6?

Yeah the “premium stash” tabs

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Ok so I have the order correct (need to reproduce this on my end)

Get an arena chest
Move it to Premium stash tab (5 or 6)
Open it in one of those tabs
Award given is negative gold?

  1. Open arena reward mail
  2. Send to character
  3. On character, move treasure chests from “Stash 1” to “Premium Stash 1”
  4. Go to “Premium Stash 1” and open treasure chests
  5. Reward list pops up and shows one item (negative gold) pictured above.

This happens on each of my characters and I reinstalled the app and redownloaded my profile but it still happens 100% of the time without fail.

I also should note that the treasure chests do not disappear after opening them in the way I described above. I can open the same 12 chests over and over again and recieve the negative gold reward (the amounts of negative gold vary).

I think we should stop using it from premium stash until they fix the negative gold. You get no items and negative gold from opening in premium stash.

Hey! Don’t worry. It gets fixed with the 2.1 Update.

Thanks for the info. Really appreciated it :slight_smile: