Arena rewards lost?

Sometimes after I’ve completed an arena battle and won, it takes a few seconds longer to update my rating and whenever this happens I lose my arena reward. This has happened more times than I could be bothered to count since the patch update. So many legend rewards and eternal rewards that have just disappeared for no reason. Is this a known bug since the update or am I the only unfortunate soul enduring this frustrating problem ?? I can’t seem to get beyond division 1 of the mythic league and back into eternal league because of it too, seeing as my rating vanishes along with my rewards.

Poor connection maybe?

Odd, considering I logged on here the moment it happened for the umpteenth time. The connection may drop but it hasn’t timed-out since before the update, on rare ocassions. Even so, the rewards still come through the next time one logs in? This isn’t the case here. I’m just about through with competing in the arena. Defeatism at its finest with an annoying, unexplained disadvantage. Oh well! Guess those in my division can relax now. xD

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Ikr there are a lot of cheaters out there but hang in there buddy! Heheh

If you are missing arena award chests you can always DM me or email I am out of the office currently so my response time is going to be slower than it usually is, so apologize in advance.