Arena top 3

Need some help I could’nt beat this guy…

@johnstah ur using rogue same build w/ me right? just vault away from his torrent(since its his main dps skil) add taunt immune and perseverance atleast 40-80%. his toon stay in 1 place spamming toss when his hp is very low and he got high lvl prayer talent cuz he has prayer +6 from pet. thus when his low hp and start staying at 1place dont let him stay alive long since (he will regen his hp from prayer taleny) when his santuary proc burst him down dont be afraid u ned to rush at him. i can pretty win this toon swiftly (since ai setting not as good as how players move)
also when u run away from him. run towards ur cosmicorb (dont just run afraid think while running since his toon is quite tanky) also try to blind him using vault (since he dont have blind immune) i suggest u change ur bloodmagic to other resource system(dmg is good but not good in long matches against tanky opponent that u need to kite speciallt if u add push limit affix w/ it)

@Cuong27 hey ur AI actually wining from other players lol.

use bleed deadly silent and mythic skill

@@roykiyoy what should I replace to bloodmagic?

@johnstah dang i dont wna share the secrets haha discover it ur self by testing them haha.ive beem using bloodmagic for whole month in the past (it was doin pretty good but irealize in the end that i was lossing so much hp from it lol just by spamming skills. specially wer a rogue we ned to spam skils.)
other resource system are quite good too.

Fury instead use Bloodmagic

@roykiyoy ah ok tnx bro :smile:
@Cuong27 hey your guy is very tough but still make it to the top though. :smiley:


@johnstah gratz bro i know u can do it. (freakin coung added blind immune to his toon) got lazy earning more pooints now gona rest a bit.

@Griffin012 woaah another awesome unique pvp build. i like the [Redacted]. though u stil hide it and accidentally saw it last night.

Congrat @johnstah . Griffin he used minion :slight_smile:

I am wrong :slight_smile:

let the race begin…

@Cuong27 lol u thought pandora was griffin ? haha.

@whoeverpandora nc build “the only summoner in top league” the minions are irritating haha.

may u share some way to PVP top of Rugue`s build?

I said that I was wrong. @roykiyoy

@echo9527 il just give u a hint(since der been pretty lot of challengers now)

mostly top rogues top use chakram mh(has high% procing procskills.)
bomb oh(for mobility dodge torrent/skills)
just use cosmic orb mythic on mh prettt good w/ living force.

the rest is up to youu to discover goodluck.

@Cuong27 ok dude. dont mind if u wer right griffin would have edited ur sentence after seeing it haha. (his kinda evil) joke

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@Cuong27 btw ur ai warrior toon is doin great job as a gatekeeper haha (all thos unable to beat ur toon would be stack on atleast 2.2k) keep it up.

thinks @roykiyoy

That warrior is the barricade who ever wants to reach top 3…ahaha

Why can not I find this item?

Gate keeper ^^!

@Cuong27 that’s a rare legend u need to farm hard to get it. :smile: