Armor resist or both?

I feel like every one is mostly stacking ele DMG but I don’t ever really see people with any res. Is it useless? The codex formula doesn’t say anything about it reducing only physical elemental or what ever so that makes me think it would be res. I havnt really played enough with it to figure it out. O have an even number for like 96% DMG reduced in PvP and still can die in an instant to something really talented like cv

They’re both essentially the same stat (the only thing is that they multiply reductions with each other) and they reduce all damage incoming it’s really quite a shame that we don’t see more of them because they are quite good when used correctly :smile:

So you dont necessarily want to be running around with 200k armor and only 300 all red much better doff with something like 100k and 10k res? I’ve got like ,4 or 5 pieces with leg armor buff was kinda thinking of making a build around it. I duno I’m itching for something new and creative and I’ve got like 10 abyss/amethyst/ruby just screaming to be used

Can rubies roll clearcastjng?

Looks like no

Well what the hell do I do to reduce CV torrent DMG. So tired of warriors with 300k HP no DMG but CV going all over Nell!

Oh if I click the pull down button it formats well noticed some incorrect things right off the bat though like says frozen stun etc immunes can only be found on legends but ruby can defiantly roll them! Pretty sure the clear casting has to be found though. And dont use the runes or you need an extra one for haunting bonus to work in PvP!

Clarity mythstone gives 10%

Ya but they are reduced more then affixes so I don’t think it works in PvP. But when i added the 5th (I used pathfinder helm and elements armor they have clear cast but I can’t seem to get it past about 12.5% so not enough to matter) it then highlighted it in PvP and showed higher power. I almost never saw clear cast proc (defiant Chak.) So its just for the dmg bonus and I had no such luck with haunting so i swapped that out to. All in all my randomly given view is its comparable DMG change to adding some barbarian/glass cannon without the life/resource loss.