Ascendancy + elemental crits

ascendancy + elemental crits? how does this work? if i have 40% elemental crit chance with ascendancy’s random elements does this mean I can make enemies slow + 4 shock stacks + immolate + poison all at the same time?

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if you have the Legend +30% Elemental Crit with Ascendant Set, yes. this even works when your MH & OH are different Elements, like Ice MH & Poison OH. Wizard Talent Wizardry works the same way.

if you have the Epic +15% Elemental Crit (Freeze, Orbit, Toxic, Immolate, & Paralyze), these only work on Weapons of the same Element. Freeze on Hat would cause Freeze with your Ice MH, but not Toxic with your Poison OH. with Ascendant Set or Prismatic Talent, the Freeze on the Hat would act like a +15% Legend Elemental Crit to the Ice MH when the Elements get changed. the Poison OH would not get the benefit, even when an attack is changed to Ice. now, if you changed your OH to Ice, then any Element that Ascendant changed the attack to would benefit from the Freeze on the Hat.

if you have +30% Legend Elemental Crit & +15% Freeze with Ice MH & Poison OH, your MH Ice Skills would have +45% Elemental Crit Freeze, as shown on the Stat Page. OH Poison Skills would show +30% Toxic.