Ascendant or ascendent, but dont give All resists

Im new here and try to arcanist build, dot effect and debuff work well but i dont know why my all resist havent get anything from Ascendent set affix. It said “Resists and Prismatic (rank)%, Arcane DMG reduces other resists by (rank2)% (base= 12 * rank)”. I using x2 ascendent and x1 Arcanist, and a ring to get 4 all set. But my all resist just not change. Can anyone explan me why? Sorry for my bad English.

@CuzegSpiked well help you to explain


Yeah ascendant does increase all resists by 62.5% but it reduces enemies ‘other resists’ with arcane attacks. That includes arcane debuffs and Arcanist itself for it to actually do that effect.

Also Ascendant set (arcane dot) is a DoT .

See below:

Ascendant extends/applies the arcane Debuff through effects like Wrath and Iceburn or by generally attacking. It’s classed as a Debuff over time in the DoT definition so it does count for Arcanist after all.

Arcanist applies Debuff by Crit and at (5), 20% total damage increased per enemy. On its own, Arcanist barely lasts a fraction of a second but Ascendant adds the arcane Debuff to 6 seconds.

Your all resists should change but you should actually have a bit of resists first. The best way to do that is by investing in Intelligence hero points to 20 to get 1000 all resists.

Then with Ascendant, that all resist would be buffed by 62.5% to 1625 to all the resists.

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