Ascended / effective mythic

Ascended + weaken
Effective + weaken

Which one is better build ?

Go ignore resist and tons of crushing blow and alot of dmg, no reason to overcomplicate the game

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Its bug , well

My account not any problem :thinking:

Ignore resist not effective for 500++
Because i’m use frozen set affix

Effective + weaken on hireling and put ascendant on main toon. That’s what I did and the result is pretty much satisfying. :blush:

I’ve done that myself on one build as well. I do like ascendant+weaken most of the time , but Hirling weaken and ascendant gives good results. Using Wrath talent I did. Now i just use weaken, sometimes an Arcanist set too. Another build, just do ignore resist if not using crystal affix slot for weaken.
Effective+weaken another good option. I may have got it back to where my frozen explodes as different element on Effective now.

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