Ascending Confussion

I had my Bonkers Lv 90 ascended (i choose treasure)
What if i choose treasure again on my Hirelibg does it become +600℅? And also is the Fortunate effect from my Hireling effeting my main too?

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Treasured only activates when your main character is ascended. You can ascend your current hireling as your main character, but know that if main and hireling both have Treasured perk, it wont add anything.
I would ascend the same main character, but choose Fortunate or Accomplished.

Perks apply to both Characters when on the Main. if the Hireling has Dealer Perk, the Hireling can sell Items at 10x Gold but the Main doesn’t benefit from any Perks on the Hireling. if both have Dealer Perk, they don’t stack… it would be just like if the Main had Dealer Perk and the Hireling had no Perks.


I just checked, and unless it is a problem with my amount specifically, hanging the dealer perk active on your main does not allow the hireling to sell items at the increased value. My main has the dealer perk, my hireling has no perks. I believe it may be unintentional, however. When checking the adventure menu in the stats page on my hireling, it does show the dealer perk as being active, but all items in its inventory (and shared stashes) still sell for regular price.

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Make sure the items to be sold are either held in the bags of the character who actually earned the Dealer perk or put them in the shared stash so they can be sold by the Dealer perk character.

ok, I did some Searching :mag: and it looks like Dealer Perk only works on the Character it is on, plus I just checked with my Characters, and my Main with Dealer wasn’t letting my Hireling use Dealer,

Why? I think it has to do with the fact that since you can sell Items from either your Main or Hireling, you need Dealer on Both for both the Main & Hireling to sell Items at 10x Gold. this would also explain why the Hireling can sell at 10x Gold with Dealer while the Main without Dealer cannot.

the only bad thing about this is that a Farming Hireling would have to Ascend to Magic Tier (Blue) and get Dealer for the only Perk (if it is going to be a permanent Farm Hireling… :farmer: )