Ascending/perks help

I’m ascending my wizard and rogue for the first time and I don’t know which perks I should really chose.

Dealer is nice to get out of the way and start banking gold. Need crazy tonnes of gold

Ah okay! Thanks

Could I do Dealer for one and treasured for the other?


Apply “treasured” to your main character, and “dealer” to your secondary character…

That’s the way I did it…

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Alright, will do! Thanks for the help all!

Treasured perk wont work in hirelings only on main.

Dealer and fortunate as far as i know will affect both characters when in hireling.

Other perks not mentioned are better of in your main character first.

@deathGG : im wondering, does enshrined on hireling have any effect?


My first character had treasured. My second dealer. Now they farm together

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