Quick question first time I have ascended and i went for treasured what else should i go for to make a really good farm character?

if you want your Character to have farming capability while Ascending for Perks, get Fortunate Perk first. it gives +200% Gold Find and Luck over cap (you can get these 2 over the +650% cap to +850%) and a +5 yard pick up radius. getting Treasured first can be a problem if you don’t have a lot of Gold coming in, because of converting your Eternal & Crystal items to Crystals, and converting unnecessary Legend items to Dust or Crystals can drain your Gold very fast to Zero! (I found this out the hard way, that’s why I wrote Shadow of the Dev’s) all of the Perks help you with farming in one way or another, you just have to decide which ones are important to you for early Perks and which ones you can wait for until later.


Treasured is also good for getting crystals you can convert some useless legend items to crystals though its a low possibility to get a rare one
Still worth it. Crystals are much important than gold :slight_smile:


Treasured means you are getting more Eternal and Crystal items to convert to Crystals. Legends cost 245k Gold for each conversion and the Eternal & Crystal items are 500k Gold each, and if you are going for Dust, 5k Gold for each unit of Dust, so a level 100 Legend item is 25k Gold for 5 Dust.

I have all Perks and +850% Luck and Gold Find with +200% Item Drop, and about 80% of all my Gold goes towards converting Legend and Eternal items to Crystals. if I have a map that drops a lot of these at once, I actually spend more Gold than I found on the map for converting to Crystals.

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Treasured and accomplished then fortnutate for me. Im coming up to my 6th ascension. The most boring one “hunter”

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choose first the DEALER @Kkiree

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@golem my gold find on m3 is 683 right now im planing on increasing the max but gold isn’t a big problem to me atm im at 18m (its not a lot) but its good enough for the rate at which i convert im saving up dust atm trying to go for a satyre’s spirit item with crystal gold find

although that is some what true about crystals > gold but you forgot that you would need gold in order to convert them so even though converting is worth it you would fill up on legendary items and not enough gold to convert all of them :confused: but still thanks for the information

yea about hunter it isnt really worth at the beginning because of the hunter mythic it save getting a useless perk at the start. or am I wrong?

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why if i sell a full box its about 10k so 10k * (1000%) i would sell for 100k? that would actually solve the money problem alot
I might go for it 2nd tbh im gonna get treasured then dealer then fortunate bc my gold and luck % only gets close to cap on m3 and with treasured and dealer I will be able to get my gear improved for m3 im on map 202 and m3 is a bit much i just have enough hp per hit to stay alive with taunt and then storm proc on a group of enemy’s so like i said treasured, dealer, fortunate
and its ez to level back up to 50 with all 6 starter gear slotted with exp% ill let you know when i ascend my 2nd time im lvl 67 already again

With the hunter ring you dont need the perk :slight_smile:

yea so its best to keep my hunter ring for now bc getting the hunter perk would make me lose ez farming potential from ascending