Can anyone let me see their ascension patterns cause im about to do my second one I already got treasured as my first one and im thinking of dealer or fortunate.

I would go with fortunate for higher quality loot and some convenience in the increase of pick up radius :smile:

mine fortunate, treasured, hunter, enshired, accomplished

Mine as solo before , dealer treasured fortunate accomplished . Later for hunter :slight_smile: coz I craft hunter mythic for farming . Dunno for hireling :joy:

I guess it’s common sense to use Hunter in the last one, due to Mythics. And OMHO, you shouldn’t be picking Dealer at the begin on Main, cause it’s the only perk that works on hireling. So you pick it as the first for hireling, to make gold, while pick the others with main, to boost drops.

Edit1: So far, mine is Fortunate > Treasured > Enshrined > Accomplished (This one is too good, I should have picked it before I guess, but you can put this on Hireling too, and keep switching)… And on next ascencion I’ll pick Dealer then Hunter.

I guess so . But for me before I picked dealer first coz, it helped me a lot in gold problems, selling a bag1 items . 100k gold so x4 it’ll be 400k. But it’s up to you guys :sweat_smile: