Ascension build

There is a random nadroji, gotta remove it I guess

keep the Nadroji Item. if you are going for all 6 Perks, eventually you’ll want the Nadroji Chest to get the Nadroji Bonus, which also has a +100% ED% on it. the Bonus increases the number of Magic & Rare monster spawns by +100%, which means more experience.

the reason for this is because of how much experience you need for each Perk:

  1. 1x
  2. 2x
  3. 3x
  4. 5x
  5. 7x
  6. a. 10x
    b. 14x
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6a and 6b? ty for nadroji tip

it takes 10x the experience that you needed for the first Perk to get the sixth Perk. when you get the sixth Perk, you get reset to level 1 one more time and require 14x experience to get to level 99 for the last time.

so if we needed 1 billion XP to get to level 99 the first time, to get all 6 Perks would require getting 42 billion XP total, for example.

when I first started Ascending with my Wizard, I thought it was just 1,2,3,4,5,6 x experience. I just about wet my pants when I saw 5x for the fourth Perk. I almost cried when I saw I needed 14x XP to get back to level 99 after getting my sixth Perk. and I’ve Ascended 3 of my Characters. the other 3 are just for PVP or Hirelings, which don’t need to be Ascended at all.

thanks for the explanation