Ascension perk bug

when i delete a char the ascension will remain to the new char i create on that slot and but the color on the icon of ur char will be remove like borderless but the effect of the perks ur old char dat u delete is still active on the new char you made on that slot

Hey roykiyoy! Sorry, I was in the holiday.
Thanks for the bug report. Noted. :smile:

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@Refia hi i just wna ask … i have legend lvl99 wiz and i deleted it and made warrior which is lvl95 atm the situation is all the perk of my previous char on that slot was still active but the border of my new char is colorless. i just wna know if this bug will be fixed will i lose all the perk active on my warrior ? or my warrior border will received red border and keep all the perk that are currently active

I am not sure, but I think all the perks on the warrior will be lost, once there is a bug fix. Since the new char shouldn’t have any active perks at all :slight_smile:

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