Ascension Rush Exp

Hello guys,
I want to give an idea of how we can upgrade ascension level faster.
After your ascension level up, you can buy lv2 item and use mythstones for optimize exp gain. You can select different Sets but i choose crushing and berserk to use the double bonus set with crushing blow and bleed damage. instead of mercenary , you can use aetherial drain to give you high elemental critical chance on low level items. And i have see that low level weapons have… talents :thinking: (when you use citrine on them, but i don’t know if it adds the chosen talent).
After you build created, choose a map around map 200 and maximize pack size. Now, time to exp. :slight_smile:
After lv50, you can equip your High level Exp build and farm again.

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  1. you only need to farm exp on floor 100, higher floors are stronger monsters for the same exp as floor 100. so use Pack Size here… unless you are looking for Items on higher floors.

  2. floor 100 means you have better survival and monsters die faster.

  3. great video and build idea/strategy.

  4. Citrine changes the Talents, but they don’t show up until the Item is at a certain level… so save your Citrine for Level 50 or higher Items. you could put Epic Talent affixes on your Items, but at level 2, they’ll be Talent 1 (Bulwark 1 for example) and not worth it for level 2 items, especially for this type of build that you’ll only use for a few hours until you get all Perks.

  5. if you don’t mind slowing down a little bit, use your Stat points to improve damage, health, and mana as needed. dying all the time really slows things down and costs gold to revive.

  6. is it me, or are you able to move with Cyclone Mythic?! if so, that makes it a more interesting Mythic for certain builds! thanks for video again! :+1:

  7. did I mention this is a great video and I really like the Build concept? :face_with_monocle:

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Thank you for all the details and adjustments :slight_smile:
I play like a barbarian even without knowing all the ways to optimize my time / ressources
Have a nice day :smiley:

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haha, no problem! I had to learn by doing myself… and I read a lot of Posts… and then there were all of the experiments and finding out my playstyle… and I asked my questions to the veteran players when I was a Noob when I couldn’t figure things out the easy way.