Ascension... What did you pick?


There in case u still can’t find :wink:


Yea adventure is only good for if you start from level 1 to level 50 and even then, it’s not all that good now :frowning:


I chosed Dealer, toootaly worth it :+1:


meowp (yup in cat speak) Dealer pays for little things such as vendor stuff and I even buy the crystal and mythstone there for 54300 anyways because of how easy that gold is thanks to dealer.even the legends that cost 343k gold get payed for easily by dealer and easy packsize maps. Also it pays easily for converting pets that u don’t want and in the long run, gold is so easy with maximum item drops and gold find. Means everything will be easy with dealer on you and hirling @patrik6761 including acension.


You can’t do that. Each one once, but you can get all 6 and all 6 will work.


Wad? Didn’t you last time said they are stackable?


Oh once per perk yes. I misread your statement… I thought you meant that you lose the old perk when you get a new one. Sorry!


It looks like ascension was removed with the most recent hot nerf. :frowning:


Uh, just no.


Actually yes, it is no longer available in the store.


What store?


*shop (see screenshot a few posts up)


It’s there for me. It’s just greyed out because you can’t purchase Ascension unless you’re level 99, but it’s definitely not “hot nerfed”


Ascension is still available. It’s just greyed out if you haven’t made it to level 99 on that character.


Level 99 wizard, no ascension icon in the shop.


You sure you’re using that 99 wiz as the main? Shop won’t show it if he’s the hireling.


If I recall correctly from some of the other threads there has been a few issues getting an Amazon build to work correctly. Are you using one of their devices?


I only have the wizard to lv99. Credits screen shows “Client Version 2.01”

On Amazon Fire TV


He just said he is using fire tv in another thread. That is the issue.


2.01 is not 2.1. I think you’ll get 2.1 soon enough, hopefully a few days!