Ascension... What did you pick?

Just wondering what you guys picked for your first ascension perk, and what you have planned for your next ones?

I started with Fortunate. Next I can’t decide between Enshrined or Treasured but it will most likely be one or the other. After that dealer, then accomplished and hunter last as I have the ring. Doubt I will get past dealer though since the XP is kind of crazy.

Depending on how long my second ascension takes I might just go with dealer for 3rd so I can covert gems easier.

Treasured, fortunate, hunter, enshrined, accomplished, dealer

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Dealer, then fortunate, then treasured. Then the rest don’t matter too much. Probably accomplished next.

I’m about to make my third ascension; so far I have gotten dealer (worth it!!) and the eternal/crystal increase one. I think I’m going to get the 25% feat reduction or the 200% above cap gf/luck next.

The crystal increase one is crazy. I found 3 crystal legends in one map. One was a masochist dagger which I haven’t played around with yet.

I plan to get dealer on my hireling and not bother on my main for quite a while

I put dealer on both me and hirling and I don’t know whether that was a good choice or not but I am getting crazy gold which can easily make me afford the next acensions and I may plan to get fortunate or treasured and while I am doing this, I am grinding like crazy to make fortune bringer.
So far rng been trolling me by not giving me as much legends, crystal legends or eternals as I used to with my temporary farming gear and I need lot of obsidian to get the right affixes for fortune bringer.

I did get a crazy amount of high rarity mythstone on legend map floor 434 on very easy mode which got me quite a few zenith and high rarity mythstone to make elidir even. So far to get lots of exp while farming fully, I made an adventure amulet to go temporarily with my farming gear to get lots of exp while I try focusing on grinding for fortune bringer. I am also trying to get to floor 500 so I can try getting the full benefit of crystal rarity increased and see what happens from there. I might just choose fortunate next since my adventure amulet is on me all the time so why not get higher benefit with higher gold find. I was also thinking accomplished because of how much faster I complete feats and they wluld equally help alot in exp farming as well as general farming. More legends maps, more boosts, more enemies, more high rarity cs/ms yes please indeed especially since I am trying to catch up.

If I make fortune bringer, I would then go full farming mode on high floor to get new items easily as well as the ease of killing enemies on mythic 3 at above floor 500.

I might just chose treasured next as well for crazy amount of crystal and eternal legends to keep or convert but it all depends. I am unsure what to choose but I’m guessing the first 3 acensions are supposed to be easy but they have to be really good choices to help you with the next 3 acension. Also does the price of acension increase per acension? I think yes.

Btw dealer was my first acension and I think it was a great choice.

Dealer was mine as well. I’m just starting to grind up, but I feel good about it since gold makes everything easier (more to spend on CS/MS convert/salvage, more to spend on salvaging junk legends, more to spend on store legends/cs/ms). Plus it pays for the other ascensions.

I have been slacking lately but I managed to get my third ascension today. I chose the 200% luck/gf for it and I don’t regret it at all. I felt the effects even when I’m chilling in m3 200 leveling back up to 50.

Anyone have the feat reduction on yet? I’m curious to know how people like it.

I have been slacking which is why I haven’t even got my 2nd acension but I am gonna get it now that I got my exp gear fully set up. I even put hunter ring on the gear so its easy to get hunter mobs since they give big big exp. Adventure amulet I hse even at lvl50+ and I hear that you levl up faster without hirling but I think that’s wrong.

All except Hunter :slight_smile:

Logic about adventure is correct. Even gold from a full gold find and high map is only about 2m… How much less if on low floors?!

A map’s gold is just about worth a few monsters. Adventure has room for improvement for sure!

Where to find acension ?

When your lvl99 go to market and look for acsencion

Gonna go full Fortunate x6 for my Gold Finder build :wink:

There in case u still can’t find :wink:

Yea adventure is only good for if you start from level 1 to level 50 and even then, it’s not all that good now :frowning:

meowp (yup in cat speak) Dealer pays for little things such as vendor stuff and I even buy the crystal and mythstone there for 54300 anyways because of how easy that gold is thanks to dealer.even the legends that cost 343k gold get payed for easily by dealer and easy packsize maps. Also it pays easily for converting pets that u don’t want and in the long run, gold is so easy with maximum item drops and gold find. Means everything will be easy with dealer on you and hirling @patrik6761 including acension.

You can’t do that. Each one once, but you can get all 6 and all 6 will work.

Wad? Didn’t you last time said they are stackable?