What is the best First 3 perks for me to chose in Ascension for my main? Same with my Hireling.

By the way I’m just on floor 175 mythic III, With my main Rouge Lvl 99 and my Hireling warrior Lvl 95.

Should I already use my perks?

Kindly Help me ASAP. Thanks in advance. :slight_smile: :wink: :wink:







For hireling defenetively get dealer since its the only perk working for hireling.

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Thanks man, and what about for my main? What should i get first?

You want to get 6 ascensions asap, you go for hunter and enshrined first. You dont want to go trough 6 ascensions as fast as possible, go dealer/treasured/fortunate, your choice.

6 ascension asap… xD

dealer, hunter, enshrined

:smiley: might sound funny, but with 200% exp, nadroji bonus and floor 200> it was pretty fast to level up to eternal like 2-3 days of playing :smiley: But i was doing it when you could level up your items to level 100 with level 1 character. With that leveling to level 50 was 20 minutes at 14x exp nerf (after 6 ascensions eternal leveling). Without any exp stuff it was longer for me to get level 80-99 than all the ascensions and to level 80.

same with me at one point.

Not me. I’m on 4th ascension (legend), and levels 80 to 99 are really dragging on! I even socketed some xp runes and have been buying xp boost too! Also doing only packsize 130%+ maps above floor 200.

For exp grind you dont go above floor 200 becouse there are less mobs there. If you want to do it faster you really should have 6x exp mythstone for the 200% exp cap. Then nadroji bonus to have more magic and rare enemies and maps preferably with pack size 100%+ and magic/rare/epic enemies. With enshrined perk you will have 500% bonus exp with shrine. At legend if i remember good it took me like 2-3 hours for 80-99.

And of course, you need a fast clearing build :stuck_out_tongue: Max move speed + adventurer. Mine spells were knightscharge for even more move speed and 100% taunt proc to have taunt on every knights charge use. That was just running trough floors without stoping. With poison of course.

Below 200… oh ok.

6x xp stones… got 4x (140%) bc I couldn’t sack affixes from MH/OH.

Nadroji bonus… the one from chest? (2 equipped pcs?) Was using it, decided to go back to adventurer. Have 1 nadroji equipped though.

Packsize… check

Enshrined perk… nope. That’s next ascension.

Add 100% xp buff from cash purchase.

Move spd… 15% affix + adventurer. Having crap luck rolling 2nd move spd, used like 30 rubies.

On a wizard so no knights charge, I have taunt there.

I thought procs were capped, how can you use 100% proc?

Also I stop to loot, don’t wanna miss crystal/eternal legends for converts. Noticing now that my xp bonus in stats showing only 160%, guessing bc I have hireling too.

I’ve pick dealer as for my 1st ascension been thinking next to pick is Treasured. Thanks Guys.

it really helps

Procs have no cap.