So ive heard that you aparently get perks via asending, but how do i asend? I cant seem to find any tutorials on this, every thing ive tried has been about the roblox dungeon quest. Is asending even in the game yet? I would love to know.

Dungeon Quest is a different game from Roblox Dungeon Quest.

if you are asking about something concerning Roblox Dungeon Quest, this is not the Forum for it.

this Forum is for Shiney Box’s Dungeon Quest.


  1. Accomplished - Requirement to complete Feats reduced by 25% (rounded up).
  2. Enshrined - Increases effectiveness of Shrines by 300% and increases Shrine Count by 1.
  3. Hunter - Shrines now always spawn 1-3 Epic Guardians (does not stack with Hunter Ring Mythic).
  4. Treasured - Increases chance for Eternal & Crystal Legends by 300%.
  5. Fortunate - Adds 200% Luck & Gold Find to drops (beyond cap), and increase pick-up radius by 5 yards.
  6. Dealer - Increases Gold from selling Items in Inventory by 1000%.

if you do a Search :mag: of this Forum, you will find a number of Threads & Posts about Ascending for Perks.

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Ok well thanks, i was asking about this game in my post not the roblox one. I want to get treasured but dont know how i am suposed to asend.

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ok, the way to get Perks is to get your Character to level 99. go to the Shop in the game. at the bottom of the General Tab, there will be a button. if you aren’t level 99, it is greyed out, at level 99, it’s blue. touch it and you will have a choice of 6 Perks.

since you want Treasured, choose that. when you choose it, you will be put back to level 1 and have to get back to level 99 again. your Items will be put into your inventory and be replace with level 1 equipment (doesn’t include Pet or Trinkets). the same equipment you had when you first started the game. you can reequip your gears when your level is half, rounded up, of your gears level. level 49 & 50 Items require a Character of level 25, for example. your Stat Points will be reset to 0, but your Heroic Points for Hero Skills are unaffected.

each time you get a Perk, it requires more experience to get to level 99 than the previous time. if you only want the Treasured Perk, no worries. if you are going for all of them, you might want to make an Ascending Build.

Well thanks. I had no idea the button was there. Ill look up asending builds. Have a great day.

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