[ASK] Rage and momentum set Affixes

Hi, I am new in this forum. i have something to ask. because my english is so bad, i will ask directly.
how much max Crit damage that u can gain from RAGE [5] ? and which more benefit, momentum set affixes or ED 50%/100% ?

about the momentum it need a move speed to work
Momentum - All DMG dealt increased by (10% “If only (1)”) or (“50% if (5)”) * “Multiply” to your current move speed +%

So momentum isn’t “good” set affixes to use ryt? Because it need so many slot to get the best benefit from momentum ryt? And what about Rage, dude?

It is best paired with Adventurer Set in PVE as it gives you damage and movement speed that you need for Momentum

And if you have a sprint proc or cast sprint, that 50% speed counts toward momentum.

that’s correct

Oooo i see. So momentum is best for warrior yaa. But i want to make a rogue hahaa…
Why no one explain/discuss my question about rage?:frowning:
Another question : u don’t need weapon damage% / + if u only play with MH, all dmg come from MH. Is that right?

Crit dmg maxes at 350% I believe, so rage can potentially add up to that amount. I also remember reading that it actually adds 25% crit dmg per rank, not 12.5% per rank as the description reads.

You can put your heroic points in stealth, coatweapon and dexterity those will give you additional movement speed that you need