Asking for ways to improove

Hi! would like to ask you guys what ideas do you have about this set and what could be changed in your point of view
Wizzard lvl99/herolvl72
Stats- all in mana=61k hp(blood magic)/20strenght/20Intelligence/20Orb/12dexterity
armor =11.2k
block = 0
hpleech 4.8

items on the left are the ones i use, on the right are the potential changes… what are your toughts
any advice?
currently doing cartographer runs @ ep8 lvl 200-250 just to kill those Carto-s very quickly, buy crystals in the shop and back to carto run
i’ve managed to get to ep8lvl360smth, but those guys are oneshotting too often
atm my build is depending on high attack speed and reduced CD, i am spamming a lot of orbs with big area of effect, dealing huge ammount of ticks and damage itself as a result of crushing blow, but getting higher makes is hard to survive even a single hit (skyfall 100%+ is deadly, TNT 300%+ is deadly, extra damage affix is 1shotting as well)
any advice to keep me rolling further @ ep8?

I would say get cosmic power set on something as well as throwing an elixir stone into a ring or amulet to get the +4 set bonus. Cosmic power will shoot your hp up a ton with blood magic. For survival; plagued set is awesome. At 5 pieces it’s 125% hp = your armor. So with 60k hp you end up with 75k armor. As a wizard with everything into magic you should be good on resistances so it’s just armor you need to worry about.

I can’t really speak to actual gear choices; but I can survive pretty much anything now. Earlier I was fighting ignis on ep 6 lvl 200 and I had to do something else right when I started the fight; forgot about the game and when I came back an hour later IGMO’s was dead and I was still at full health.

Do IDDQD has another fully upgraded weapon?

nothing crystal or eternal

Do you upgrade your weapon to quality 25?