Atermath bug and storm bug

I noticed 2 bugs

  1. Sometimes, ennemies aren’t taunted by meteors (i have 2 aftermath + 4 all sets) but they get stun because of bewilder
  2. when i double cast storm with elements set, the first storm diseapears

hmm, when I Freeze or Stun/Paralyze enemies, Taunt tends to not work on them. I do notice that sometimes a Stunned enemy will still be Taunted, but they move slower toward the Taunting. it could also be that the enemies are out of range of the Taunting effect of the Meteors.

I am using Aftermath at the moment, and just raised Meteor from 20 to 40, and have noticed I am Taunting a wider area than before. but sometimes I’ll see a stunned monster not being Taunted. I just hope I can kill it before it recovers.

it seems that only one instance of Storm can be active. so if you cast a Storm, then move to another location and cast Storm again, the first one disappears, even if it still has time left, and you get Storm for 5 seconds at the new location. this came up in some older posts that I read.