Athena chloe (eternal collection)

Happy to have this cool items



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When i get those im going to convert them to either my Rouge or wizard

Are you able to get a Enternal merlin imp

No etermal pet since birth :sob::sob::sob:

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:fearful:–> :cry: me either :sob:

dont have a eternal pet too :joy:

I think eternal pet is advantage only because of times two of affix they have but you dont need that for reaching top 1 i wanna share my build

only have legend pet but I already reach div1 sadly im at last rank tho xD

Goodluck :laughing: anyone can reached top 1
You will know your weakness when you lose a lot

Not bad :+1:

already know it :smiley: but didnt do anything to fix it pushing my current build to top20 lol

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You can post your build ?? for fair if you post your build i will post my build too haha

no showing build xD lol

As i expected :laughing::laughing::laughing: thats the problem i encourage to this game lot of players is being selfish for what build they created , why ???
For me( my opinion) i like to post my current build specially pvp build to improve it to know the weaknesses and also copying build from me new gamers will like this game and im interesting to battle a players with a same build but its my opinion only :laughing: thats why i will and i will share my build

just want to keep my secret build on how I reach eternal league with some common goods :smiley:

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Every player have their own opinion :laughing::laughing:
For me im not contendes with my current build because “cuong” is the only player hard to defeat in battle i like what build they have and im testing and creating a build until i defeat cuong in just 30 sec/3 rounds i like face to face battle if you battle cuong you will know what i am talking about hahaha :laughing: he is the strongest player i battle

cuong is a cheater and his build was block

Congrats on the 7DS set Athena!

I’ve managed to farm 3 7DS eternals but stopped farming to chase after pets. I went to floor 500 when I was at 149/150 enslaver feat, on a blue challenge map an eternal void slime dropped. It was my 1st eternal pet. I only mention this because I was wearing eternalized gear for 700% when the pet dropped. Maybe that helps with legend/eternal pet drop rate? Anyway, hope that helps peeps farming pets.

This set has a good decent bunos for farming however, the problem is that it does not allow enough damage and survivability for any character to seriously consider using it for long. Not even useful for crafting or viable to use for higher floors run. To me it’s just a fine collection.

Btw, congrats for completing all the parts tho :smiley: