After reading and learning about this forum, I create a powerpul warrior with high based dmg without the use of arcanist set :laughing:

I Think and hope that im the 1st one who create a ice warrior farming ?? I am right ??
Sorry if im not :blush: but this build is an idea came from me .
I see warrior lightning bleed
I see ice berg bow
And I “cant” see the build of powerful mage Griffin
Haha :laughing:
This build is for the players who use warrior as there main character (shet this fucking english very very sorry pls understand it im a filipino and for your information filipino have many many language they used thats why we cant learn directly english language😋) back to the topic

With this build you can finish map and go to the next map with simple as can be with the use of FROZEN affix you can kill carto im 2-10 sec using taunt and whirlwind i try this set in 1500+ floor map and still success and trying to reach 2000+ floor map using this (im in 1.5k+ max map) now.

Thanks for helping me and thanks to answering my question :blush:


VANISH = stealth for survival
SANCTUARY = survival hit
ENERGY = I try all resource mythic and i think this is the best

RAGE= boost your Crit dmg by crit chance
DEFIANT= great booster of dmg
PATHFINDER=boost your dmg by dodge
FROZEN= BOOM BOOM POW (ice exploding)
ADVENTURER=boost dmg and movespeed while gold collected indicator showing a
MOMENTUM=another boost dmg by the movespeed
PERMAFROST= ice type without this ?? Another boost dmg

Total of boost boost dmg :smiley::smiley::smiley:

CRIT DMG= you already know this
ATTACK SPEED=fast attack
CRIT CHANCE=combination of rage set
CRUSHING BLOW=very helpful against powerful enemy in high floor map
2×DODGE= for survival and good combination with Pathfinder


100% weapon dmg
4×100% ice dmg
2× 50% push the limit
2×50% glasscannon
2×100% frosbiting
3x15% move speed
Elemental critical

5000 weapon dmg
10 whirlwind

PLAYSTYLE: use Sprint to add dmg and fast moving then run to the mob spot taunt all you see mobs then use whirlwind ( if didnt die yet ) run untill you can use taunt again then use it
If using whirlwind hit the enemy with the lowest hp then u will see boom boom pow by the effect of FROZEN

Any advice to improve my build ??? i didnt know and i dont want to know calculating dps or what i already want is to read and understand and answering my question thankyou :blush:

Again again sorry for my english
Pls take adjust to understand it

by: Athena Chloe :blush:


-Created by Crono

This build is call hachimon and you don’t even need to use anything other then sprint.

Ooopss i didnt see that before creating this build ,and semi like that :laughing:
Truly ice berg bow give me some idea when i see the high based dmg and inspiring me to create this build and this is the result

I dont know if hatchimon having high based dmg to me . Focus to the based dmg without the effect of arcanist is my target and take note i’m not copying any idea from that ., i didnt see that before i create this . Ice berg bow maybe but not all

replace 45% attack speed wtih deadlly strike and brutal
or add another 225% crit
add 5000 weapon damage on OH

Yea i noticed some diff

@f00kee tnx for advice i will replace that
And for OH what affix i will remove ??

maybe remove endow on your MH and transfer GC their

What do you think?? it is better to use arcane blade than vacuss??

This can be replace MH??? Haha need more crystal ro complete this focus farming needed

Well, with your gameplay for this build 100% WD on MH would be nice but if you’re using sprint more and you dont have any difficulty killing mobs and/or high rarity enemies 100% ED is ok too

I use taunt and whirlwind
I use sprint to add more dmg by momentum
And question why those mobs when they hit me i reveive 1 dmf only sometimes 7 per hit to me ?? And other once founding 2 carto in one map is a bug ??

I guess using a hammer instead of blade would result in higher damage from whirlwind

Correct :laughing::laughing::laughing: but its up to you what do you want to use

Frozen Hammer :blush::yum: