Just made this build, spamming guided shot. It just regular build I guess, anyway if u encounter this rogue. Please help give your review, thanks.

Extra Info: today I just check ranking list 1-100.
77 rogue
13 wizard
10 warror
**Rogue BA meta.?

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Sure once I face her, and dang, you’ve got a lot of free time for counting that. :confused:


just looking on that to see what actually going on lol because 100% battle is againt rogue. haha

I can’t upload on my phone because I’m saving data, I’m poor Lol. But I can type out what happened, I fought Athena with a LOHKO+Stealth, mine’s 9238hp and 978power, I dealt 47.2k damage with Coat+Guided, you healed 511.9 and prevented 6617.

Combat Log:
Athena: Silence
Me: Guided 39.5k (Deadly)
Me: Fire DoT 7783

Hope this helps. And also, I love fighting this compared to Aphrodite, because I can beat this one. Lol.
Btw what’s your rank and ratings? I wanna know how much I need to get into top 5 points.


i made this build for 2v2. Frustating+Athena haha

I’ll try to find them in 2v2 then, I use LOHKO and Blinkdagger for 2v2 tho, my Blinkdagger sucks so much. Lol.


im not putting it yet in 2v2, since it still not so good. and frustating build leak few important affix and so still under davelop lol

Oh okay, tell me when you do. I let Athena hit me for 1 round to check her damage, 15.2k dealt, twister crit most of it, 8.7k. The main problem I think is that Athena does not run away at the start, making her easy to snipe. Btw, mind answering my question about your points and rank in 1v1? Lol.


around 19K LP. rank 2.

Darn, 19k? I just reached 17k, I need a lot more I guess. Any idea what rank 1 has? Lol.


50k-60k as i remember. normally i check on rank. and suddently it appear from miles away. idk if it cheat or not, report it already for dev to investigate but the refia say it legit. so it legit, and damn it just way too high. haha

50k? Omg how, any idea who it is? Damn 50k, how is he not in Rank 1 all the time. Lol.


that is the main reason why i report long ago lol. if he keep win. how come he not stay at top 10 atleast lol.

it just weird. to focus hiking LP point at 40-50k it will cost alot gold and alot time. but hell i checked last time. he have both 40k-50k LP on 1v1 and 2v2. it just like a very very very fast game.

How do you even check? Lol, he should be in top 10 always with those points. Guess there’s no way for any of us to get to rank 1 then. Lol


when last time i check.? 2-3 day after game ver 2.0 official released i guess, not remember well lol., arena open around that time, and mean in around 3 day he get his 1v1 and 2v2 LP above 40k. haha

I played her a 4 times and only lost once. Id try switching AI a bit but it looks strong

Any idea what happened to the other Blinkdaggers out there? I only see Emman and Kristayn nowadays. And no, I’m not asking for Aphrodite to come back. Lol.


@Saintwave : Idk maybe their Mmr drop. so when u have high mmr, it will be harder for u to find them.

@Swens925 : It will be more helpful if u could get screenshot of end game. the detail about damage deal, heal. and even more appreciate if u can screenshot the battle log. it will help me understanding my AI setup tho. thanks.