Ather gear


Rngesus bless this human


I fear my noobness is not worthy :’( well I’m off to farm again I’ll be back in awhile.


I wish you luck!


Eternerlized hood :smiley: now I just need my oh&mh ather weapons :smile:


just a suggestion if u cant get ur ather. ur a rogue right ? what is ur build ? bow charkram dagger or gun? if u want stronger wep u can actually make urself one custommize by u. just use mh wep w/100%wd add 5000wd and the rest depends on u. u can endow myth to make it even stronger.
in OH wep if u rely mainly on killing mobs using ur mh no need to put wd on OH.


My custom weapon.


Back to grinding after a good nights sleep. I have a good feeling about today :slight_smile: may the RNG gods shine appon me and my treck :slight_smile:


change ur 20% shock dmg to 5000shock dmg. if u have zenith remove 2xtra attks and put zenith myth(4xtra atk). add +10guidedshot if ur stil not max lvl on guided u can remove xtraatk or ed @Zombikiss

try farming vacuus scipio bow (100%wd)
barbarian axe/berserker axe (100%wd)
just jasper them to bow.


That’s just my mh dps weapon. With the rest of my gear I get over 2 mil a second and 40 guideshot. And about zenith. I’ve NEVER seen one drop lol


I have this bow and it’s not good in my opinion.


@Zombikiss u can stil be much better and stronger than that. just keep farming. 5000ed is better compare to 20%ed. d u have xplosive already on ur other gears? it really helps a lot clearing pack mobs also works well with frozen. im a bow lover too lel goodluck


@Zombikiss vacuus scipio bow got 100%wd remove all proc affixes just leave the 100%wd then add 5000wd and endow ot should be around 19k-22k base stat dmg bow

ucan always revise stats affixes of items if other affixes are not good just leave the important affix.


That’s sadly not true


@Zombikiss lol as i said for it to reach 13-22k base bow dmg remove mealstorm and all proc affixes and specialist using kyanite. then u got 100%wd left add 5000wd affix and endow myth then 25% item quality using emerald u can achieve what im saying. use nature of elements too

look image below ephipany gaunt converted to bow i remove all unnessesary affix just remain 100%wd add 5000wd and endow myth +25%IQ


No then I’d have 89.5% WD not 100.


make ur bow 25% item quality then use diamond to reroll thr stat of ur wd% spam it until u reach 100% or 99.5-99.9 depends on u


I’m no where near floor 1k lol


best bow for me all affixes u need is already here. it drop on floor 200. i also got 2 of this in 2.0 version from flor 101. its an axe converted to bow.


What ep do I need to farm on?


what d u mean by ep? i got that from m3floor 200 it usually drop more often if ur using warrior main/hireling but stil can drop using rogue slim chance.