Ather gear

I’m trying to get these items farming floor 400+ EP 1 is there a trick to geting them or do I just have to run 400+ all night. Also I have my imp out and pick ups set to legandary and I’m wondering will my imp pick up legandaries if that arnt for my class or will he leave all legands alone.

Yup your doing everything right don’t worry aether gear is very common so you should get plenty! and as for the imp it will leave all legendaries alone :smile:

Will incressing my luck stat up the chance of finding one? Btw I have 3 unreal hoods lol I have no use for them just saying so I wish the RNG gods would be nicer.

Yes upping your luck will boost your chance! but more in the way of just more legendaries will drop in general :smile:

Ah ok I have more tweaking to do then lol. About what luck should I shoot for if I can’t achieve max 650%?

As high as possible A couple good ways too get some easy luck is through putting heroic points into fortune and through using beryl to get the nature “of luck” on your gear

I’ve already dumped 20 points into it.

I’ll go grind for awhile cause I’ll be up all night I’ll post an update here later one way or another :slight_smile: wish me luck I’m away to the dungeons

Awesome I await your return and wish you much luck! :smile: :+1:

No luck yet :frowning:

You can get it I believe in you!

u can inc luck cap by using ephipany affix

try adding drop rate myth stone (200%cap) (250%w/ ephipany) and use nadjori affix while farming @Zombikiss

I just want the MH & OH to try and get better dps :frowning:

rng issues haha. im also farming a certain item but its been 6day now i still havent find it. just keep farming and it will come to you xd. btw try also buy on shop legend items while ur in floor 400 u might get it der.

The shop doesn’t have items for other classes

More DPS is always a good thing :smile: :+1: you must achieve INFINITE DPS :stuck_out_tongue:

hmm so ur not using wiz? i think has higher% drop chance if ur a wiz. if ur using wiz as main hireling it will drop more often. @Zombikiss

I only have one slot. I can’t aford to buy any iap. My charecter is a rouge. I guess I just have to grind for weeks or just give up.

I’m considering giving up. It seems it won’t drop because I’m not a wiz :confused: it sucks being poor.

It will don’t worry! They’re rarer as a rogue but it’ll drop :smile:

:frowning: I don’t have forever to farm :’(