Atk Spd for Twister Mage Unnecessary?

Just my opinion but I’m trying to build a Twister Mage and I feel like having Atk Spd would be pointless since the point is to walk around and Twister everything to death, and since Twister is on a cd, it’s can never be a spam-able skill and most mobs would die within one or two Twisters anyway. Anyone wanna voice their opinion on this one?
Also, is there a cap for Reduced CD like there is for Atk Spd, Crit Chance, Crit Dmg, Dodge and Block?

Twisters better CDR, indeed
Atk spd is counted in overall DPS, I didnt notice any atk spd acceleration once I raised it from 0% to 60%, I always thought it was just counted in the DPS, but not accelerating the attack, but i’m maybe wrong :smile:

Twister mage is simple, raise your damage as much as possible, and spam a “Magnified” teleport; After roughly 3 or 4 teleports, you can cast another twister, I have used this strategy since when I began testing, however I went AWOL for a while. My frigid sigil ring has magnify 20, so teleport covers a vast area; this is great because it chills enemies and makes frostbite effective. Although nothing affects the rate that twister damages enemies, you can easily decimate foes with frostbite and high base damage. (I’m not positive, but back when I tried to calculate actual damage output I don’t think attack speed had any actual affect on twister damage, but it is still important because it absolutely affects the rate that you can teleport)

Although I havent touched this game in a LONG time, my damage (if using glasscannon on top of frostbite) will hit 12 to 15M per tick with twister versus fire enemies. If I want endurance I go with Skull of Ignis for blood magic to raise my HP (empower drastically reduces my HP so if I do glasscannon + frostbite, it’s not a big deal, I just have to make sure to evade well with teleport; without glasscannon I get killed in one hit anyways, so it’s not really a trade-off. Blood magic isn’t affected by empower so HP can be heavily raised if using the empower talent, you could also stack empower and glasscannon with blood magic to somewhat nullify the penalty to HP, but that would make me take a large hit in my luck/damage, therefore would be senseless for me)